4 Snaps

The game where you take 4 snaps, send to friends and guess the word.

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If you still haven’t got it...

4 Snaps makes taking photos with your iPhone fun again - with crazy words, funny sounds and amazing animations, we think 4 Snaps makes every other turn-based game out there seem boring in comparison.

The point of 4 Snaps is to pick any word and then go on a mission to take 4 pictures of whatever that word is. Then the mission is thrown at your friend when it’s time for them to guess the word correctly. And all they have to help them are the 4 pictures you took!

When you’re ready to give up, 4 Snaps shows you all the helping options you need: Share to Facebook, Reveal Letters, Remove Letters, and you can even send to other apps like Instagram and Path.

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